Delivering for Best-in-Class Wholesaler-Distributors

Here are the various events that NAW offers:

NAW Executive Summit

The NAW Executive Summit merges best-in-class distributor leaders with best-in-class distributor thought leadership. This annual event combines compelling programs and abundant networking opportunities. This is the premier event that challenges distribution executives to think outside the box and approach challenges in new and innovative ways.

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NAW Roundtables

NAW Billion Dollar Company Roundtables

The NAW Billion Dollar Company Roundtables are an elite community of thought leaders from Billion Dollar distribution companies who come together to network, share solutions and exchange ideas with noncompeting peers on significant issues that transcend commodity lines. To be eligible to participate in the Billion Dollar Roundtables, your company has to be a member of NAW.

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NAW Large Company  Roundtables ($100M-$1B)

The NAW Large Company Roundtables are an exclusive community of industry leaders from distribution firms who convene to network, share solutions and exchange ideas on key issues with noncompeting peers across multiple lines of trade. The executives invited into this influential community are from NAW Member companies will annual sales of $100M to $1B.  To be eligible to participate in the Large Company Roundtables, your company has to be a member of NAW.

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NAW Certificate in Distribution Professional Management

The NAW Certificate in Distribution Professional Management comprises three distinct and intensive sessions on these topics: Optimizing Distributor Profitability, Generating and Managing Growth and Distributor Capability Development. Each highly concentrated session will be held for four and one-half days at Texas A&M University. These sessions will provide an overview of the most important concepts in distribution today through an active learning process consisting of both lecture and hands-on exercises. Completion of the three sessions will provide participants with the educational foundation they need to enhance their value to their company. These sessions are designed as continued education to help you develop and retain your key employees.

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NAW Distribution Leadership Program

Designed for aspiring wholesale distribution leaders, NAW Distribution Leadership Program is a collaboration between NAW and The Ohio State University. This five-day on-campus program features award-winning OSU supply chain faculty guiding students through in-depth analysis of wholesale distribution operations, logistics, finances, HR, marketing, management and other critical functional areas of running a distributor business. As a participant, you’ll gain a greater distribution management perspective because of the latest knowledge and business skills you’ll acquire. You’ll return ready to contribute to the success of your distribution company at an even higher level.

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NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence Webinars

NAW Institute Webinars are a short-form method to share valuable industry information with wholesaler-distributors of all sizes and lines of trade on important topics of the day. Open to anyone who would like to register, you’re welcome to attend these free, interactive webinars live or watch them on demand.

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NAW Association Executives Council Meetings

NAW Association Executives (AECs) gather twice a year for custom-designed education and networking experiences at NAW AEC Summer and Winter Meetings. These programs are created to elevate your association management skills, knowledge and professionalism. With a mixture of experienced and new executives, these meetings are considered an outstanding resource and incubator for best practices in association management. The business relationships you form at these meetings will add value all year round when you continue to network with other NAW association executives.

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