NAW is proud to share a partnership with Transparent Energy, the national leader in online energy procurement, to bring members a proven, cost-effective, and risk-free way to buy their energy and manage risk. 

This program enables NAW members to procure energy, often a top-5 operational cost, easily and with confidence, backed by the people, process, and technology that have made Transparent Energy synonymous with energy-procurement excellence. For members with in-house energy expertise, Transparent Energy’s leading market intelligence and online auction platform can supplement existing processes, driving additional savings.

By working with Transparent Energy, NAW members will gain the following benefits: 

  1. Annual energy cost reductions compared to traditional procurement methods.
  2. An additional “members only” discount.
  3. Access to an always-on energy advisory resource proactively monitoring energy markets and actively identifying opportune times to purchase energy, including renewables.
  4. The program is risk free. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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For more information on Transparent Energy’s high-value, risk-free energy advisory and procurement services for NAW members, please contact Nancy Gardner at [email protected] or (862)-529-5384.  To speak with a member of the NAW team please contact Adam Isenberg at [email protected] or (202) 872-0885.

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About Transparent Energy

Transparent Energy is the go-to resource for C&I companies, institutions, associations, and government agencies for energy procurement and energy advisory services. The company’s clients include associations and automotive, education, distribution, financial services, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, municipalities, real estate (REITS, CRE, and property management), retail, wholesale, and warehousing firms. With a proven process delivered by retail energy’s most experienced professionals and state-of-the-art online auction technology, Transparent Energy has driven hundreds of millions of dollars in operational savings for clients across North America. For more information, see