The Litigation & Policy Fund (LPF) allows NAW to proactively engage and take a leadership role in shaping key legislative and regulatory policies concerning wholesaler-distributors. Increasingly, the fight over harmful rules and regulations ends up in the courts of law and public opinion. The mission to defend wholesaler-distributors from aggressive policymakers and regulators in D.C. has evolved, and NAW’s ability to respond must adapt.

The LPF may accept unlimited contributions from individuals or businesses.

Member dues have allowed NAW to have a leading lobbying operation as well as to occasionally engage in litigation. The LPF equips NAW to both navigate a complex legislative and regulatory landscape and to publicly champion the interests of wholesaler-distributors, with the goal of removing regulatory and legal barriers to your business’ success.

If you have any questions about supporting the LPF, you may reach out to NAW’s Chief Government Relations Officer, Brian Wild, at [email protected] or 202-263-4062.