iHeartMedia, your premier ally in revolutionizing digital audio and advertising landscapes, offers unparalleled solutions to amplify your brand’s reach and impact + recruitment and talent acquisition. As a trusted partner, iHeartMedia leverages cutting-edge technology and vast industry expertise to elevate your marketing strategies. From targeted audio campaigns to digital experiences to immersive events, our innovative approach ensures that your message resonates with audiences, driving engagement and maximizing ROI. With iHeartMedia by your side, unleash the full potential of your brand and dominate the ever-evolving media landscape like never before.

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Leverage iHeartMedia’s engaged consumer relationships and unprecedented local and national multi-platform reach to drive your media plans.

Radio – U.S. Stations

With over 860 radio stations, only iHeartMedia can offer local activation with national reach. Individual station brands deliver the ability to connect with diverse audiences in local markets across the country. Ready to find the station in your market? Use the Station Search to connect with a local representative.


iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia’s industry leading digital music service, has over 167 million registered users and is available on over 250+ platforms and thousands of connected devices, offering countless advertising and partnership opportunities from unique branded custom stations crafted by iHeartMedia’s world class programming to pre-roll videos that are integrated seamlessly into the user experience.


iHeartMedia offers national opportunities to advertise through its unparalleled range of media assets including on-air, online and live events, creating comprehensive, innovative campaigns for many of the country’s largest companies.


iHeartMedia’s impressive digital assets include thousands of station and show websites, more than 167 million registered iHeartRadio users, and over 298 million fans and followers across social media. iHeartMedia utilizes these unique digital assets with massive reach to create innovative campaigns and programs for key advertising and marketing partners.


iHeart is home to the most successful podcast of all time, “Stuff You Should Know,” which has over 3 billion downloads and creator of hits like “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” and “Atlanta Monster”. And with the broad reach of its leading media footprint, iHeart has the best local podcasts from our popular radio personalities – and the ability to include brand sponsors on the local, regional, and national level.


With over 20,000 events, from the biggest national events, to local targeted shows, iHeart produces world class events across the country including the iHeartRadio Music Festival, Jingle Ball, Wango Tango in Los Angeles, Fiesta Latina, and more.

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