Fighting For The Distribution Industry

The NAW Government Relations team fights every day for NAW members across the country, serving as an important collective voice for the $8.2 trillion distribution industry in Washington, D.C. NAW advocates for policies that support all wholesaler-distributors, ensuring businesses can operate in a legislative and regulatory climate with fewer surprises and more predictability. Some focus areas include:

  • Healthcare: Wholesaler distributors provide millions of American workers and their families with high-quality, affordable employer-sponsored health coverage. NAW works to defend and build on this successful model and promote choice, and access, and keep costs low. NAW also works to educate federal lawmakers on the damage that taxes, mandates, and regulations can have on the healthcare system.
  • Tax: NAW advocates for pro-business tax policies that lift the entire industry. Additionally, NAW helps manage the Main Street Employers Coalition, which is the most effective voice for pass-through businesses in our nation’s capital. NAW organized, and continues to manage, the LIFO Coalition, which has successfully worked for the retention of this vital accounting method in the tax code.
  • Labor: Wholesaler-distributors support millions of reliable, high-paying jobs in all 50 states and Washington, DC. NAW opposes radical shifts in U.S. labor policy and aims to ensure federal labor laws remain balanced and protect the rights of employees and employers alike. NAW is a founding member and leader of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, one of the premier labor and workforce coalitions in our nation’s capital.

NAW accomplishes its advocacy goals through a diverse advocacy strategy, built around best-in-class shoe leather lobbying and coalition management, an aggressive political and grassroots program, and an active public affairs program.

NAW represents a diverse industry made up of scores of unique product lines, each with specific legislative and regulatory needs. Because of that, NAW only lobbies the U.S. Congress and the federal judiciary and executive agencies on issues affecting the industry at large.

Grassroots Alert

Interested in Telling Your Story? Host Your Member of Congress!

NAW is constantly working to develop new allies in Congress who will work hard to deliver on policy priorities embraced by wholesaler-distributors. The best way to build and strengthen these relationships is to put a constituent face on issues NAW is raising in Washington, D.C. You can help NAW accomplish this by inviting your Representatives and/or Senators to visit your distribution facility, allowing elected officials to get a first-hand look at how distributors operate and to see how the day’s policy debates will impact the industry’s ability to deliver for your communities.

Be A Voice For The Wholesale Distribution Industry

We are stronger together, especially when it comes to voicing the need for pro-business, pro-industry policies in Washington. Take a moment to communicate with your representatives in Washington and support legislation that helps our industry thrive and the economy prosper.

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What Our Members Say

To contact the Government Relations team, please email [email protected] or call 202-872-0885.

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