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Benj Cohen founded to help distributors harness cutting-edge artificial intelligence and dominate the digital age. He learned about distribution firsthand at Benco Dental, a business started by his great grandfather. While Benj was studying Applied Math and Data Science at Harvard University, he saw an opportunity to apply innovative technology to distribution, enabling distributors to sell more in modern markets.

Distributors Can Unlock Profitable Long-tail Accounts with AI – Leveraging the Power of AI #9

Most distributors rely on a few top accounts to drive a majority of revenue. Sales teams focus on these large buyers because that is where they are most impactful. But, tons of untapped potential revenue lies stored in the numerous small accounts that fill out distributors’ account books. Until now, distributors have been unable to [...]

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Personalization Sells. This Is How It Works – Leveraging the Power of AI #8

AI knows us better than we know ourselves. Have you ever wondered how different services accurately predict what tv shows, or books, or songs you like? How retail sites find clothes or items that you want to buy even before you know they exist? It’s not magic. It’s just well-executed data analysis. Consumer data reveal [...]

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Nix Data Silos to Cash In on AI – Leveraging the Power of AI #7

Data silos have always been bad for business. They limit employee performance and sow dysfunction among different teams by restricting access to information. As Big Data and AI become major forces in business, the negative effects of data silos will become even more severe. Distributors should integrate databases now and employ comprehensive AI to avoid [...]

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5 Questions to Ask Your AI Vendor – Leveraging the Power of AI #6

AI will create trillions in business value within the next few years, but that cash won’t be distributed evenly. Not all AI is equal, and only distributors who invest in the right AI will profit. Knowing what questions to ask your AI vendor will put you in the position to capitalize on the AI value [...]

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The Key to Defensibility in the Digital Age – Leveraging the Power of AI #5

The problem with most new technologies is that they quickly become obsolete. This is frustrating for distributors who are always trying to keep up with the newest thing. But AI should be viewed differently. Unlike other developments, it won’t be swept away by accelerating waves of innovation. AI does not merely endure: it adapts and [...]

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AI Makes Customer Service Profitable and Here Is How – Leveraging the Power of AI #4

Customer service is a big cost center for distributors. It doesn’t have to be. Customer service (CS) reps speak with buyers and decision makers every day. Each conversation is a sales opportunity, but one that CS reps aren’t equipped to take advantage of. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can change this by empowering customer service to make [...]

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How to Boost Sales Online with AI – Leveraging the Power of AI #3

Over the past few years B2B distributors have learned from successful B2C companies and embraced online sales. Today, distributors must do so again and further update their e-commerce platforms. AI-driven personalization will help distributors sell more across all their online sales channels. Distributors can examine profitable B2C companies and pick up on the strategies that [...]

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What Is AI? – Leveraging the Power of AI #2

Businesses succeed by using AI in many ways. Whether that is Amazon growing revenue with personalized product pitches, or UPS routing drivers efficiently to minimize costs, the bottom line is that AI gives users a competitive advantage. My previous post explains why distributors are primed to benefit from AI. In this post I’ll go further [...]

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How AI Will Impact Distribution – Leveraging the Power of AI #1

Companies like Amazon and Netflix have used cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to drive growth and disrupt business-to-consumer (B2C) markets. Business-to-business (B2B) distributors have been slow to adapt this technology, however. This will soon change. B2B distributors that leverage the power of AI technology have the potential to turbocharge revenue and disrupt their own markets. [...]

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