Oct 4-5, 2023 | Dallas, TX

Room block closes September 18

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Building the Leadership Team of the Future – Focus on the skills, qualities, and strategies required to create a strong and adaptable leadership team that can navigate the challenges and opportunities of an evolving business landscape.

State of the Supply Chain… What’s Next? – Analyze the current state of supply chain management, exploring recent trends and disruptions, and discussing the anticipated future developments in supply chain practices.

Generative/Applied AI in Distribution – Highlight how AI technologies, specifically generative AI, can be leveraged to optimize various aspects of distribution operations, enhance decision-making, and drive efficiency gains.

Partnerships Across the Value Chain – Explore how organizations can establish and nurture partnerships that enhance efficiency, innovation, and value creation throughout the entire value chain

De-Risking Tech Implementations – Focus on strategies and best practices to minimize the risks associated with adopting and implementing new technologies within your organization.

Investing in the Supply Chain – Provide insights into how investments in technology, processes, and resources can lead to improved efficiency, cost savings, and competitive advantage. 

Hear What Others Are Saying

“So relevant and wonderful approach and idea exchange to get started” – The Business Case for DEI Initiatives attendee

“Very insightful. A lot of commonalities in the industry that we hadn’t considered until now” – Emerging Technology in Human Resource Management attendee

“Great stuff and good dialogue/info sharing” – The Impact of Remote Work on Company Culture attendee

“Very energetic and lively. Kept me highly engaged and was very insightful” – Attracting and Retaining Talent attendee