In recent years, wholesale distributors have faced continually evolving challenges, such as supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, the growing demand for improved omnichannel experiences, and a shifting competitive landscape. 

Gaining data visibility across your operations to understand performance, trends and new opportunities for better and faster decision making will allow distributors to compete effectively in today’s digital economy. This degree of visibility requires a different approach to traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), one that Forrester Research calls a digital operations platform, or DOP. In a 2022 Forrester Priorities survey, 48% of respondents reported implementing DOPs to improve their company’s transactions, operations, and compliance.   

Net at Work, as a distribution technology advisor, understands your existing environment as well as where you’re headed to help you unleash new levels of productivity, efficiency, and profitability through DOP. Learn more by contacting a Net at Work technology expert today.