In the United States of Amazon, they always win and the rest of us pay.

We’ve been looking the other way while a power-hungry company with monopoly power is holding American small businesses hostage. Amazon’s anti-competitive marketplace is a trap which many of our nation’s small businesses rely on to sell their products. Behind the scenes, Amazon takes data from the small businesses selling on its online marketplace and uses that data to create similar, often lower-quality products which show up prominently in Amazon search results, while the original small business product disappears deep into the search results.

Amazon does this without recourse…becoming more emboldened and more powerful Every. Single. Day.

Let’s pass the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and stop Amazon from replacing Main Street and taking our choices away.

How can you help protect Main Street businesses?

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Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) have introduced and passed out of committee legislation to rein in Amazon’s anti-competitive practices. The legislation – S. 2992, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act – is a vital start in checking Amazon’s anti-competitive business practices and addressing many of the wholesale distribution industry’s well-known issues with Amazon’s treatment of third-party sellers.

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