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"I am blown away by the scope of this book and the depth of knowledge and real-world experience it contains. I only wish I had a reference like this at the beginning of my career. Fortunately, I have it now and it’s not too late to do something with it! This book is very actionable with constant emphasis on measurable results at the shareholder and stakeholder levels. This is simply the best sales and marketing book for distributors that I have ever read!"

—Byron Potter, Chairman, Dallas Wholesale Builders Supply, Inc.

Senthil Gunasekaran, Pradip Krishnadevarajan, F. Barry Lawrence

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Today’s digital world demands a more cohesive approach to sales and marketing.

Sales and Marketing Optimization: Developing Competitive Value Propositions in Distribution is a first-of-its-kind, best practices study that focuses on aligning customer needs, sales force priorities and wholesaler-distributor objectives to maximize value creation. In today’s economic environment, supplier and customer relationships have become more complex. Every wholesaler-distributor’s value proposition must adapt to the new economy by understanding sales and marketing functions at a deeper level. Putting a narrow focus on selling as “putting more feet on the street” and marketing as “designing new brochures” can no longer be the norm.

Sales and Marketing Optimization is jam-packed with

  • 30 best practices from actual wholesaler-distributors
  • 60 action steps that your firm can implement immediately
  • 122 examples from wholesaler-distributors across many lines of trade!

What makes this book so different from classic sales books that focus on “personal selling” tactics is that it examines sales and marketing for distributors from a much broader perspective in terms of sales and marketing strategy, processes and more importantly, their connection to shareholder value and customer service.


Included with this book is a separate, over-sized Sales and Marketing Framework wall map to help you follow how sales and marketing business processes and financial drivers are linked to enhance shareholder value.



Through the comprehensive sales and marketing framework in this study, you’ll

  • create your company vision and mission
  • deconstruct your sales and marketing strategy components
  • follow your individual sales and marketing business processes, best practices and metrics
  • connect these processes to shareholder value through four financial drivers—cash flow, growth, asset efficiency and profitability.

The many best practices found in this book—market segmentation, value proposition, business development, sales process and sales force stratification—are critical, cutting-edge business processes that every wholesaler-distributor should adopt and execute well so you can still achieve competitive advantage.

BONUS FEATURE: A special emphasis is placed on making the important connection between sales and marketing processes and shareholder value by leveraging the concepts delivered in NAW’s two other best-selling research studies, Optimizing Distributor Profitability and Customer Stratification.

This book is a collaboration of the NAW Institute and Texas A&M, two leaders in wholesale distribution education and training.


What Distributors Are Saying

“The framework in this book has delivered a highly detailed roadmap in which our company can design, build and execute against our future company vision. Nowhere have I seen such a concise approach to mapping out so many best practices and processes around what is becoming one of the most important activities in wholesale distribution…sales and marketing.”

—Martin Naeger, Director of Sales, L&W Supply Corp.

“Today’s competitive environment requires that management make better data-driven decisions. This book will map for you the process to make better, informed decisions. We can no longer afford to treat the sales process as an art; it requires a structured approach and this publication will provide you with the tools to accomplish that in your organization.”

—Joseph Nettemeyer, President and CEO, Valin Corporation

About the Authors

Senthil Gunasekaran

Senthil is the Co-founder of ActVantage. With 18 years of experience assisting hundreds of B2B firms, he helps distributors create, capture and innovate value by aligning people, process, technology and metrics. He also delivers executive education and speaks at industry forums. As a thought leader, he is an author of seven best-selling books on generating, managing and sustaining profitable growth, and holds a doctorate degree from Texas A&M.

Pradip Krishnadevarajan

Pradip is the Co-founder of ActVantage. He enables distributors with business transformation and helps them stay relevant in the eyes of the customer while positioning for the future.  He is recognized as an industry thought leader with 15-plus years of experience assisting hundreds of companies. He is a co-author of seven inspiring books that are consistently among the NAW Institute's Top 10 Best Sellers. He holds a Doctorate in Business Analytics.