E-CHAPTER-Distribution Leans In: Stories of Resiliency and Innovation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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LOOKING FOR A FAST READ? Use Distribution Leans In to inspire yourself and your team with new strategies to compete in a post-pandemic new business normal. It is proof positive that distributors can innovate in response to challenges.
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As the COVID-19 pandemic crisis kicked into gear in early 2020, wholesaler-distributors responded by shoring up cash flow, liquidity, supplier commitments and customer relationships. Then, with their people safe and their business protected, leaders turned to help their customers survive the pandemic. Distributors stepped up, and as they did, they came to understand something new about their business. Distribution can make a difference. Distribution is essential.

In this just-released e-chapter, Mark Dancer shares up-to-the-minute ideas and insights from distributor leaders based on their experiences and lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic. He reached out to distributor leaders at the beginning of 2021 and asked them to tell their stories and share ideas for both surviving and thriving in a drastically changed business environment. He shares their stories in their own words and offers valuable insights and advice for applying the lessons of Innovate to Dominate: The 12th Edition in the Facing the Forces of Change® Series to a post-pandemic new business normal.

Distribution Leans In offers stories of distributor innovations, actions for continuing business model innovations, approaches for aligning distributor strategies with the post-pandemic reality of doing business, and a new proposed metric for measuring the extent to which customers recognize the new value distributors create. All of this, and more, is organized around three topics:

Distribution is essential, but not eternal. The pandemic highlighted wholesale distribution’s role in supporting businesses and the economy, but the pandemic is also changing how business is done. Here, we explain that, to stay relevant, distributors must keep up with change and offer innovations.
Distribution is stepping up, but must do more. Perhaps the most important lesson of the pandemic is that distributors can leverage investments in digital tools and culture to solve customer problems. But they can’t rest. The future of business is changing, and distributors are not the only ones to notice. This section shares 10 stories of distributor innovations, told in the distributors’ own words, followed by analysis and suggested actions.
Tools for innovating and changing the game. Drawing on all of our recent conversations with distributor leaders, we suggest three tools for moving forward: 1) guidelines for adjusting your strategy to the new future of doing business, 2) an emerging innovation process for fast and powerful innovations, and 3) a suggested Net Creator Score metric for measuring your ability to create new value for your customers.
This e-chapter is available for purchase here, and it is included with any new purchase of Innovate to Dominate: The 12th Edition in the Facing the Forces of Change® Series. Together, this Distribution Leans In e-chapter and Innovate to Dominate are a powerful combination of strategic ideas for winning in a post-pandemic digital age!