Updated NAW Issue Briefs Now Available

January 17, 2018

NAW has posted updated Issue Briefs reflecting two pieces of very good news.

First, the Supreme Court has granted certiorari in South Dakota v Wayfair, in which the Court will review the out-of-date Quill decision barring states from requiring remote sellers to collect state sales taxes.   If the court overturns Quill, on-line remote sellers will no longer have a competitive advantage over brick-and-mortar wholesaler-distributors who collect and remit sales taxes.  For more on this issue, please read our Marketplace Fairness Issue Brief.   Additional information is included in our Legal Update.

And on January 12th the President announced his intention to nominate John Ring of the Morgan Lewis law firm to fill the vacant seat on the National Labor Relations Board.  Once he is confirmed – hopefully by spring – the Board will again have a working pro-business majority and can continue the work it began last fall reversing pro-labor rules and decisions of the Obama Board.  For more information on the NLRB please see our new Labor Issue Brief.

Additional Issue Briefs, including a government relations overview, Federal procurement of commercial products, healthcare, the regulatory agenda, taxes and workplace flexibility/paid leave, are also available.