Explores how distributors can act as innovation intermediaries, bringing knowledge and resources to help customers innovate their business 

Washington, D.C. – The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW), which is the voice of the 8.2 trillion-dollar wholesale distribution industry, and employs more than 5 million U.S. workers, published the latest chapter in its new Facing the Forces of Change initiative. 

“We are thrilled to share insights from Keith Hubbard, President of PACE Supply and member of the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence Board of Directors, in this latest addition to our Facing the Forces of Change initiative,” said NAW Chief Innovation Officer Bart Tessel. “Along with expertise from Mark Dancer, this new chapter examines how the science of anthropology might help distributors act on customer cultures and behaviors to design human-centric innovations in the digital age,” concluded Tessel.

Late last year, NAW announced work on a new and exciting Facing the Forces of Change® initiative. We are not writing another book or publishing a report. Instead, we will work with a team of distributor innovators to explore new ideas and create actionable foresight, strategies, and plans for all distributors. We will interview business and innovation leaders from outside distribution and within, looking for insights, experiences, facts, and stories. We will share our findings as we go through blog posts, live chats, and social media. Our goal is to move beyond publishing reports to reimagine Facing the Forces of Change as a platform for helping all distributors with a continual stream of timely and actionable information.

NAW is one of America’s leading trade associations, representing the $8.2 trillion wholesale- distribution industry. Founded in 1946, NAW is comprised of national, regional, and state employers of all sizes, industry trade associations, partners, and stakeholders spanning all sectors of distribution. Our industry employs more than 5 million workers throughout the United States and accounts for 1/3 of the U.S. GDP. There are 35,000 wholesale distribution companies that operate nearly 150,000 places of business across North America, including all 50 states.  

NAW’s mission is to deliver world-class programs and services, designed to help the most dynamic companies in wholesale distribution succeed. Our programming is tailored for the CEOs, senior executives, and rising leaders at our member companies and associations. Members engage with NAW through our offerings in Thought Leadership, Networking, Executive Education, Benchmarking/Research, Shared Resourcing. Partnerships, Government Relations, and Public Affairs.  


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