WASHINGTON, DC – The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors today announced a digital advertising campaign promoting the utilization of the country’s entire distribution network for vaccine distribution as supply increases and the country hopes to bring more vaccines to more people across the country. The first ad, which may be viewed here, begins running immediately and will run indefinitely.

“Over decades, the distribution industry has developed the world’s leading network, knowledge, technology and logistics expertise to efficiently and safely move products across the country,” NAW President and CEO Eric Hoplin said. “With our assistance, the government can create a much larger and efficient network of vaccinators, quickly reaching more people in all areas of the United States.”

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  • Much of the wholesale distribution network, including companies that move vaccines every day, is not being utilized in vaccine distribution.
  • Wholesaler-distributors’ role is to keep the supply chain moving in good times and bad, distributing materials, goods, and services to every corner of the country. In just the medical sector of the economy, our national network reports they distribute medicine and other vaccines to 500,000 pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, physicians’ and dental offices, first responders, and nursing homes every day.
  • NAW CEO Eric Hoplin published an op-ed on vaccine distribution in Morning Consult.
  • NAW previously sent a letter to the Biden administration offering assistance.