(July 17, 2018, Washington, DC) — The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence and Texas A&M University bring together more than 60 years of distribution knowledge and a decade of industry research to help distributors develop their leaders to respond to industry changes, while still maintaining their competitive edge no matter what current and future challenges they face.

Since 2009, the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence has partnered with Texas A&M University to further the understanding and application of best practices in wholesale distribution. Through cutting-edge research, a comprehensive knowledge base of best practices has been established, and over the years six groundbreaking research studies have been published and three more are on the way. For the first time, these organizations are bringing this extensive knowledge base out of the pages of our research studies and into the classroom to help wholesaler-distributors invest in their workforce with proven in-depth training and professional development. There are two completely different programs to choose from.

NAW Micro Degree: Leading Innovation and Accelerating Implementation
This is a five-month breakthrough program, which features four days on campus at Texas A&M University and the rest of the program conducted through distance learning interactive study. This program is designed to help high-potential distribution leaders develop the soft skills required to lead project management and successful implementation. This first-of-its-kind leadership program will help participating project leaders become effective innovation managers who produce results. Support will be provided with check-ins no less than once a month by the Texas A&M subject matter expert, and may be more frequent if a project leader requires additional help. LEARN MORE.

NAW Certificate in Distribution Professional Management
Three distinct and intensive sessions are offered on these topics: Optimizing Distributor Profitability, Generating and Managing Growth and Distributor Capability Development. Each highly concentrated session will be held for four and one-half days at Texas A&M University. These sessions will provide an overview of the most important concepts in distribution today through an active learning process consisting of both lecture and hands-on exercises. Completion of the three sessions will provide participants with the educational foundation they need to enhance their value to their company. These sessions are designed as continued education to help distributors develop and retain their key employees. LEARN MORE.

“The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence is very pleased to extend our long-standing partnership with Texas A&M in this exciting and powerful way to further our mutual goal of providing excellence in wholesale distribution,” said Patricia A. Lilly, Executive Director of the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence.


The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) was created in 1946 to deal with issues of interest to the entire merchant wholesale distribution industry, thereby freeing affiliated associations to concentrate on the concerns specific to their lines of trade. NAW is a federation of wholesale distribution associations and thousands of individual firms that collectively total more than 30,000 companies.

The role of the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence is to sponsor and disseminate research into strategic management issues affecting the wholesale distribution industry. The NAW Institute aims to help merchant wholesaler-distributors remain the most effective and efficient channel in distribution.