September 12 – 13, 2023 | Minneapolis, MN

Stay tuned for our full agenda announcement including speakers and topics selected by your peers! In the interim, you can view the schedule below to create your travel plans and take a look back at some of the topics we discussed in 2022.

  • 2022 Topic NAW – Leadership-Communications: Leading as a CEO has changed dramatically through the years. How do we define what leadership really is for those in the room? What takeaways are important for your next level of leaders? How can leaders be more effective communicators for their team and company? Are there differences between pre- and post-COVID leadership styles?
  • 2022 Topic NAW – Supply Chain Disruption: What is the short-term outlook and 3–5-year planning horizon? What can we do to position our companies to better manage the supply chain?
  • 2022 Topic NAW – Tech Journey: How does a CEO navigate e-commerce, marketplaces, AI, Metaverse and technologies distributors are not even aware of yet? We will explore how to be progressive in terms of interacting with your customers without creating work for them and identifying what your customers need on their individual journeys. How do we bridge the generational gap when it comes to technology?

Draft Agenda


2:00 PM:             Registration Opens

2:30 PM:             Opening Remarks

2:45 PM:             Educational Session

3:45 PM:             Break

4:00 PM:             Networking Discussion Workshop

5:30 PM:             Break

5:45 PM:             Reception

7:00 PM:             Dinner

9:00 PM:             Evening Concludes


7:00 AM:            Breakfast

7:45 AM:            Break

8:00 AM:            Educational Session

9:00 AM:            Break

9:15 AM:            Networking Discussion Workshop

10:45 AM:          Break

11:00 AM:          Educational Session

12:00 PM:          Lunch and Networking Discussion

1:30 PM:            Educational Session

2:00 PM:            Adjournment