February 15, 2024 @ 1:00 pm | Virtual

MDM reported on news of more than 400 M&A transactions during 2023, and the vast majority included independent distributors — many that were family-owned. We expect 2024 to be another big year of distribution M&A, as economic uncertainty, the labor situation, the ongoing technology transition and generational retirements have many company owners likewise looking to sell.

Selling a distributorship involves numerous decisions and questions to be asked, and our MDM webcast will provide a guide for those considering a sale, or currently in the process of one. Our free one-hour program will address:

• Internal questions that should be asked before committing to selling
• How to evaluate potential buyers for the best fit
• How to obtain an accurate valuation of your business
• How long you can expect the selling process to take and the milestones along its timeline
• Potential roadblocks you may encounter
• How to best protect your employees amid a sale
• Where to find help in selling your business

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