May 16, 2023 | Virtual

Today’s business landscape in the wholesale distribution world is riddled with unprecedented global uncertainty. Inflationary pressures, supply chain difficulties, foreign exchange fluctuations and rising energy prices have driven the variability and volatility of component costs to levels never before seen. With costs and profitability changing on a near-daily basis, businesses need the tools to stay in control and the agility to adjust prices on the fly.

Join this webinar with Cath Brands, CMO at Flintfox, to discover:

  • How to stay in control of margins in the face of unprecedented input costs and supply chain volatility
  • How to maximise profitability in a price-driven trading environment without compromising revenue
  • The value of data and ERP integration to avoid margin shrinkage
  • How to eliminate lost revenue from rebate inaccuracies and overpayment
  • How to find the magic in your margins with an intelligent pricing strategy and platform