Artificial Intelligence has been developing over decades and has exploded recently, super hype and all, with the release of ChatGPT. This is a webinar sharing how distributors are actually using it today along with a few hacks to help you get valuable results right now. This is a simply a narrow how-to topic that will cover the three components to a prompt, how to decide between zero-shot and few-shot prompts, and how to iterate a conversation. Mike will run live examples in the session. He can pull typical topics or use a disguised thoughtful query from a participant that submits their request to [email protected] in advance of the session.

Mike Marks is one of our Research Fellows with the Institute of Distribution Excellence and he is also the Founding Partner of the Indian River Consulting Group. What many don’t know is that Mike has been involved with AI since 1989, first working with LISP and Texas Instruments, then Prolog development with Borland, and he has had a strong interest in the field following General Magic Agents and GPTs, the Generative Pre-trained Transformers for years.

The material Mike will share is from a Chat GPT prompt class he does for a university, but specifically tailored for wholesale distributors. Participants will receive copies of all the presentation materials and a list of research link so everyone can follow their own additional research. The field will have a large impact on this industry going forward and these GPTs are only a small part of the emerging technology.