One of the most important findings in the book I wrote for NAW, Innovate to Dominate: The 12th Edition in the Facing the Forces of Change® Series, is that “distributors won’t go far by going it alone.” In the digital age, the battle for customers is not just about putting up a webstore or leveraging artificial intelligence for optimal pricing or effective selling. The real struggle is about ideas. A new NAW Podcast Series: INNOVATE TO DOMINATE has been launched to help distributors access and create new ideas as they follow the roadmap to innovation set forth in Innovate to Dominate.

Both the NAW book and NAW Podcast Series are sponsored by PROS. Throughout the podcast series, Richard Blatcher of PROS and I conduct in-depth interviews with special guests who provide strong opinions and share fresh insights for distributors to consider as they chart their path to the future. We dig deep to help apply each podcast’s unique lessons to potential distributor innovations. Episode 1 gives an overview of this series and I encourage you to watch or listen to it. To continue watching or listening to the rest of the series, you need to subscribe. Once subscribed, you’ll receive exclusive episodes from NAW directly to your inbox.

Episodes 2–5 include interviews with

  • John Caplan, President, North America & Europe,
  • Ian Heller, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Distribution Strategy Group
  • Alex Moazed, Co-author, Modern Monopolies, and Founder and CEO,  Applico
  • Sean McDonnell, Founder of

The podcast series will include additional interviews that we still will record. We promise more actionable ideas from the front lines of B2B innovation. The NAW Podcast Series is a must-listen for distributor leadership, innovation teams, supplier partners, and anyone motivated to help distribution lead the way to the future of business.

Combined with our book, Innovate to Dominate, the NAW Podcast Series is an invaluable tool for adopting the best practices of B2B innovation and incorporating the wisdom beyond the traditional expertise of distributors. I hope you will subscribe, and if you would like, share your own ideas and experiences with me.