Survey: Majority of West Virginians Oppose Biden’s Tax-and-Spend Bill

December 13, 2021

Inflation Negatively Impacts 73% of Voters;
64% Believe Legislation Would Make Inflation Worse

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW), a founding member of America’s Job Creators for a Strong Recovery, a coalition opposed to President Biden’s tax increases, released a new survey today showing the majority of West Virginians oppose Biden’s tax-and-spend bill and nearly two-thirds of West Virginians believe the legislation would make inflation worse.

“Our new polling shows that as Americans learn more about President Biden’s massive tax-and-spend Build Back Better bill, no amount of budget tricks and partisan pressure will make this misguided bill popular,” NAW CEO Eric Hoplin said. “While the Biden administration spent months denying inflation, Americans suffered and know that now is not the time to spend trillions and raise taxes on American businesses, causing a loss of Main Street jobs, stifling an economy in need of a recovery and making inflation worse. West Virginians know this, and it is time for Washington to recognize it as well.”

The survey results and its key findings memo may be found here.


West Virginians are almost uniformly feeling the impacts of high inflation and increasing costs of living. 73% of respondents report that higher prices have negatively impacted their personal finances. 56% of all voters and 59% of independents strongly disagree that their personal financial situations are improving.

Build Back Better (BBB) Act

West Virginia voters are familiar with and have already formed strong opinions on President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act (BBB). 62% of respondents report having seen, read, or heard “a lot” about the bill. A 53% majority of West Virginias strongly oppose the legislation, with 59% of independents strongly opposing.

A large majority of West Virginians believe that the Build Back Better Act will make inflation worse and want Congress to avoid taking actions that would increase prices even further. 64% of voters believe the BBB will make inflation worse. 66% of West Virginians, and 67% of independents, strongly agree that Congress should slow down and reconsider the Build Back Better Act in light of inflation concerns.

Finally, 84% of voters agree that any new social spending programs should be targeted to low income and
middle-class families, with an eye-popping 73% in strong agreement.

BBB and Raising Taxes on Businesses
Voters are also concerned with the effects higher taxes would have on U.S. businesses and their ability to compete internationally. 58% of respondents strongly agree that higher taxes on businesses will yield less investment in U.S. workers and innovation. 68% oppose requiring U.S. businesses to pay more in taxes than their international competitors, including 69% of independents. Additionally, a significant 56% of voters they would be much less likely to support a candidate who passes tax laws that benefit wealthy individuals in blue states.