As NAW’s executive team traveled the country meeting with hundreds of distribution leaders over the past couple of years, we heard consistently that the cost of energy- both electricity and natural gas- has emerged as a pain point, following a decade of stability. Disruptions in the global energy market, punctuated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, have led to spikes in the cost of energy supply and distribution.  As best-in-class distributors have increased their investment in digitization and automation in their facilities, energy usage has increased accordingly, and these spikes have become more painful.

To help distributors control energy costs and protect their margins, NAW has partnered with Transparent Energythe national leader in strategic energy procurement, to provide a process for members to procure energy (electricity and natural gas) through reverse energy auctions, effectively driving your costs down. If energy contracts for your facilities are due for renewal in the next 18 months, I strongly encourage you to reach out to [email protected] to set up a free consultation and cost-savings estimate.

The NAW-Transparent Energy Partnership will:

  • Manage your entire energy procurement process, including vetting suppliers, gathering historical energy usage, preparing & distributing a request for proposal (RFP), conducting the reverse auction, and facilitating the execution of the contract between you and the winning supplier.
  • Bring a vast supplier pool to compete for your business, forcing them to compress their margin.
  • Not charge any upfront costs – if you are not completely satisfied with the auction results, you do not have to contract with the winning supplier.
  • Deliver a 7-8% average lower price, compared to other more traditional procurement processes.
  • Provide an exclusive NAW member discount on all services.

NAW is laser-focused on delivering high-impact solutions to significantly reduce your operating costs and free up your working capital.  Send us an e-mail at [email protected] and let us get to work on reducing your energy bill!