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February 28, 2017  |  ByNAW Staff
NAW-How Wholesaler-Distributors Can Maximize The Impact of Internet of Things

How Wholesaler-Distributors Can Maximize The Impact of Internet of Things

Wholesaler-Distributors are increasing engagement in Internet of Things (IoT) technology. For the IoT to have the maximum possible impact within the wholesale distribution industry, large-scale adoption is necessary. Adoption depends on having certain technologies, organizational capabilities, and policies in place. It will also require collaboration among supplier companies and among suppliers, users, and policy makers to set the standards and protocols for the interoperability of IoT systems that maximize value. IoT practitioners believe that there are at least four technical and non-technical enablers that can maximize IoT impact. The infographic above is a representation of these four IoT technology enablers.

Download “4 Enablers to Maximize IoT Impact” Infographic HERE

**This blog post was inspired by recent presentations from the NAW Roundtables. The “Internet of Things” has been a key subject area at both the Spring 2016 Billion Dollar Operations Roundtable and the Spring 2016 Billion Dollar CIO Roundtable. If you are interested of which topics are “top of mind” for NAW thought leaders, you are encouraged to view all of the Fall 2016 NAW Roundtable agendas at NAW Events.

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