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Keith Creehan


Keith is a Partner in the Technology practice area at Oliver Wyman, a leading global management consulting firm. He also is a member of the North American Commercial Effectiveness practice area, advising his clients on a wide array of issues related to increasing the profitability and value of their companies through innovative commercial strategies. Mr. Creehan’s experience at Oliver Wyman has spanned a wide array of industries, including high tech, aerospace, specialty materials, and pharmaceuticals. Most recently, he has led the following assignments: - Leading the transformation of an Information Services & Analytics company as they move from their historical business serving the telecommunications industry to becoming a big data company serving the Internet, Media, Retail, and Financial Services industries. The transformation included outlining the ambition for the company and a 4 year roadmap that will help them achieve their ambition by 2017. - Evaluating and creating a series of new businesses for a top 3 aerospace and defense company. This work focused on defining business opportunities around promising new technologies to broaden the revenue and profit opportunity while creating stronger sources of long term competitive advantage. - Creating a commercial improvement program for a leading specialty materials company resulting in a doubling of profit over the course of two years. After the initial program was complete, we conducted a second round of improvement programs to achieve a second doubling of profits. Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, Keith worked in a variety of functions for Merck & Co., Inc. His experience at Merck included several years as a research engineer, a year as a production supervisor at a large manufacturing facility, and his final position as a product manager for a new line of products. Mr. Creehan graduated cum laude in chemical engineering from the University of Notre Dame. He received an M.S., with distinction, in industrial administration from Carnegie Mellon University.