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Susan Pomerantz


Susan Pomerantz is a licensed U.S. Customs Broker and Certified Customs Specialist, with over 37 years experience in international trade. She has broad experience in the management of daily import/export operations both as a service provider and private sector compliance manager. Her detailed knowledge of import/export regulatory requirements combined with an operational perspective has enabled her to assist clients in identifying not only compliance improvements, but also opportunities for cost savings through duty minimization and operational efficiencies. Ms. Pomerantz currently leads and directs the Trade Management Consulting group ensuring continuity in the methodologies and tools used by Livingston International Professional Services (formerly Vastera) consultants globally. Prior to assuming responsibility for the global team, Susan was the North American Import Practice Leader, managing a team of US and Canadian consultants assisting clients in navigating compliance requirements, identifying cost savings and capitalizing on the use of trade agreements. Before joining the Trade Management Consulting team, Susan held several senior management positions within Vastera. She presided over operational activities in the US, Canada and Mexico and a team of over 200 trade professionals as the Director of North American Managed Services Operations. Earlier, Susan served as Global Transition Manager, leading the transition of several clients’ operational activities to a centralized Vastera managed service environment. Prior to joining Vastera, Susan was President and CEO of Priority One International, an integrated logistics and consulting company specializing in the import/export of ITAR licensable goods, electronics and consumer goods. Priority One was instrumental in the launch of Orlando’s Foreign Trade Zone and Ms. Pomerantz was selected by the Governor of Florida to serve on the Committee for International Trade and Banking. She often provided trade education at local universities and assisted small businesses with international trade development. Frequently published in local newspapers, Susan provided guidance to importers and exporters through a Question and Answer forum.