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Michael C. Lynch


Michael C. Lynch is President of Strategic Energy and Economic Research and a lecturer at Vienna University. He has combined S.B.-S.M. degrees in Political Science from M.I.T., and has performed a variety of studies related to international energy matters, including forecasting of the world oil market, energy and security and corporate strategy in the energy industries, as well as analysis of oil and gas supply. He is best known for his work in two areas: analyzing the forecasting of oil and gas markets, and studying the economics of petroleum supply. As part of that, he has demonstrated the source of the errors in the 1970s oil forecasts and the shortcomings in oil supply models. Most recently, he has been noted for his analysis of peak oil ‘modeling’ which demonstrated that it is based on flawed methods and is essentially unscientific. He is a former Chief Energy Economist at DRI-WEFA, Inc. a leading economic consulting firm, and a past-President of the United States Association for Energy Economics. He was a Senior Fellow for the USAEE. His publications have appeared in seven languages, as well as English, and he serves on several editorial boards, including for the journal Energy Policy and Geopolitics of Energy.