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Alex Bratton


Alex Bratton is a technology visionary and serial entrepreneur motivated by his passion for implementing technology to drive business value. He specializes in identifying unique business opportunities by forecasting the impact of new technologies, and then applies that knowledge to create revenue generating companies, products, and systems. Alex currently serves as CEO for two Chicago area technology companies, Lextech Global Services and Lextech Labs. Lextech Global Services is a leading developer of mobile applications with serious business value, and Lextech Labs is an award-winning mobile video surveillance solution provider. He also recently founded a third organization, Serious Apps, which will develop game-changing mobile software products. Alex founded 9 other companies before founding Lextech Global Services, Lextech Labs and Serious Apps. From a control system for a stabilized rocket launching platform to an online magazine publishing system to a medical entry iPhone app, Alex has guided the creation of countless cutting edge systems. He has provided business and technology strategy, systems architecture and technology execution expertise for 100+ companies. Alex received his BS degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois. While there he worked at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications developing network and collaboration applications on the same team that would 2 years later create the Mosaic web browser.