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Stuart Levinsky


Stuart Levinsky is VP CBTS Canada and VP CBTS Product Development. Stuart came to CBTS through the acquisition of his company, Virtual Blocks, in early 2009. VB was an early developer of utility computing applications based upon VMware and served as the foundation for the CBTS Virtual Data Center (VDC). The VDC allows CBTS customers to access a public cloud infrastructure on demand (Lexmark, HCA, Accenture) or design private cloud implementations (G.E., Avnet). Prior to launching Virtual Blocks, Stuart was the Vice President and Co-Owner of Commerx Computer Systems, a 25 year old HP/SUN/EMC Reseller in Toronto. VB is the second spin-off company sold by Stuart; the first being Commerx Computer Solutions to AT&T Canada in 2001. Previous to joining Commerx in 1998, Stuart ran the Toronto operation for Kanatek; one of Sunís largest resellers in Canada. His previous work experience includes 3 year stints at both HP and Sequent. His educational background consists of an undergraduate degree from the University of Denver, and an MBA from Torontoís York University.