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Keith Robinson


Keith Robinson is a Human Resources executive and Consultant with over 23 years of global and domestic business experience. Throughout his career he has helped leaders drive results in their businesses by providing human capital solutions and coaching to a variety of C-Suite executives. Keith has provided them with valuable counsel in the areas of business and human capital strategies, leadership and personal development. . One of his primary areas of strength has been his ability to translate complex business strategies and organizational objectives into pragmatic tactical solutions that get results. Some of the firms where he has held leadership positions were: Marsh, Inc. UBS, and Allstate Insurance.

Keith’s areas of expertise and experience have included: Business Strategy, Organizational Design, Management and Leadership Development, Compensation, Education and Training, Employee Relations and Mergers and Acquisitions. Working with business leaders he has lead and delivered due diligence and integration for small and large acquisitions from $16 million to $2 billion in price. His keen business acumen has afforded his clients both top and bottom line results through process re-engineering, team building and business re-structuring solutions. His demonstrated core competencies include: leadership, business acumen, strategic thinking, managing talent and process, coaching, organization and results orientation.

One of Keith’s passions is life long learning and the impact it can have on an individual and organization’s ability to produce change and drive results. As a leader, coach and mentor in the business community, he has always stressed learning and communication combined with practical tools and hard work, as the keys to business success. His belief is that honest and thoughtful feedback at all levels in an organization will make it stronger. People see Keith’s greatest accomplishment as his ability to build esprit de corps in an organization through his calm manner and thoughtful insight.

Keith enjoys spending time with his family and serving in the community. He volunteers as a coach for youth baseball, football and soccer. In addition to his family, physical and mental fitness are two priorities he strives to achieve.

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