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Richard Waterman


Senior Advisor and Former Executive Vice President and CEO of International Electrical Supply Corporation (IESC), the holding company of Rexel U.S. and Gexpro, is the first representative from a national chain to serve NAED as its chair exactly 30 years ago.

Waterman is also the first person to lead NAED who hails from a distribution company based outside the continental United States, the first Canadian citizen to serve in the position; and the first to have served both NAED and its Canadian equivalent, the Electro-Federation of Canada (EFC), as chair. (The organization Waterman led was the Canadian Electrical Distributors Association – CEDA. During his time as chair, the CEDA was on its way to becoming the EFC, bringing together the factions of the electrical industry under one umbrella after a surge of consolidation.)

All of these firsts seem fitting for the man who will lead NAED into the first year of its second century. It also seems fitting that the first leader of NAED’s second century should be familiar with consolidation: Waterman led the EFC as its market was consolidating, and is, himself, a major player in the consolidation of the North American Marketplace – first during Westburne’s acquisitive period in Canada and the United States and then with Rexel after it acquired Wesburne. In fact, part of his role as senior advisor to IESC is to provide insight into future acquisitions for Rexel.