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Tom Goldsby


Tomís research interests include logistics customer service, supply chain integration, and the theory and practice of lean and agile supply chain strategies. He has published several articles in academic and professional journals and serves as a frequent speaker at academic conferences, executive education seminars, and professional meetings. He is co-author of Global Macrotrends and Their Impact on Supply Chain Management (2013) and Lean Six Sigma Logistics: Strategic Development to Operational Success (2005). Tom has received recognition for excellence in teaching at Iowa State University, The Ohio State University, and the University of Kentucky. He was recently recognized as one of the most productive researchers of all time in the field of Logistics Management. Prior to entering academe, Tom was a logistics analyst for the Valvoline Company. He also served as a consultant to distributors, manufacturers, retailers, logistics service providers, non-governmental organizations, and the U.S. Department of Defense. Tom is research associate of the Global Supply Chain Forum at The Ohio State University. He has a PhD from Michigan State University, an MBA from the University of Kentucky, and a Bachelor's from the University of Evansville.