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George Favaloro


George Favaloro has more than 20 years of strategic consulting and management experience. George has advised environmental leaders in the personal care, clothing, furniture manufacturing and retailing, energy, water, and aviation industries. He assists clients in formulating and executing environmental strategies and corresponding communications programs.
Prior to joining Esty Environmental Partners, George led the Boston office of Keystone Strategy, where he helped develop innovation strategies for Fortune 500 firms. His past clients include Microsoft, Motorola, and AT&T.
George’s background also includes managing strategy development and implementation projects with McKinsey & Company’s Boston Office as well as founding, launching, and growing Compaq’s Internet Solutions Division. George held senior executive roles at three venture backed start-ups: Allaire, Avaki, and Cognio. He is a founder and board member of Terrapass, a retail carbon offset company.
George holds an MBA from Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College and a BA from Princeton University. He has three US patents and has co-taught Innovation and Problem Solving at Wharton Business School. George Lives in Lincoln, MA with his wife and three children.