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Don Emery


Don Emery's career spans 25 years and includes extensive work in manufacturing and distribution. He is President of his own consulting company ProfitLink Inc. based in Naperville. Profitlink provides consulting services primarily in North America & Europe focused on cost improvement and driving the implementation of financial results. Don's background in organization design & lean manufacturing helped his company develop a set of implementation tactics that ensure long term profitability and broadens employee involvement. These tools and tactics are focused on improving profitability of organizations in all areas including sales, manufacturing and supply chain. Profitlink has developed its own Strive and Focus products designed to evaluate and implement large scale profit improvement strategies that work in all types of public & private corporations.

Don's extensive background also includes industry roles in business reengineering, sales and marketing and product development; and the lead role in several major change process implementations including new business development. He has held full time and adjunct university positions teaching organization design, marketing and sales and supply chain strategy. Don holds degrees from Concordia College and Purdue University. He lives in Naperville with his wife Rae where they have successfully raised three children and he is on the board of several philanthropic organizations.