Washington DC | January 30 – February 1, 2024

We’ve been monitoring your exceptional skills from the shadows, and the time has come to extend a classified invitation to join our covert mission, codenamed “AGENT OF CHANGE.” The NAW Executive Summit, scheduled for January 30 – February 1 in Washington DC, will be our rendezvous point. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate this summit where you’ll uncover the secrets of the wholesale distribution industry.

Mission Objectives:

Infiltrate and
Gather Intel:

You will be briefed by industry thought leaders who hold the key to unlocking the secrets of wholesale distribution. You will engage in covert interactive workshops and clandestine panel discussions to tackle the formidable obstacles your organization encounters daily. Decode the challenges that lie ahead.

Network with
Fellow Operatives:

During your mission, you will have the opportunity to engage in covert discussions with fellow industry peers. Share secrets, exchange insights, and build alliances that will aid your mission.

Spy Museum
Gala Dinner:

Attend the Wednesday evening Gala Dinner at the Spy Museum, where you’ll enjoy unrestricted access to explore the Spy Museum and rub shoulders with fellow agents for food, drinks and an announcement or two. Lapel pin camera optional.

Morning Recon
(Fun Run):

Start your Thursday before diving back into your mission with a brisk morning run/walk with your fellow agents to keep your wits sharp and your legs in top shape for the learnings ahead.

Choice of Specialized Communities:

You will be offered the unique opportunity to self-select your mission path. Will you join the Commercial Growth Community, where sales, marketing, business development, and customer experience are your tools? Or will you opt for the Operational Excellence Community, focused on operations, technology, people services, and finance? Both communities share the mission theme of innovation and business strategy. Your community will meet three times during the mission to exchange vital information. Choose your specialization wisely, Agent.

Reserve your room at the Fairmont Hotel, Washington, D.C., Georgetown.

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