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About the Speaker

Sekou Andrews is a school teacher turned actor, musician, two-time national poetry slam champion, entrepreneur and award-winning poetic voice through his company, SekouWorld Inc. His dynamic blend of strategic storytelling, business insight, spoken word poetry, theater and comedy turns events into experiences, and transforms audiences of informed receivers into enthusiastic responders. He delivers complicated business messages through moving keynotes that fuse performance and content. He helps leaders embrace creative, innovative and disruptive thinking and behaviors as he inspires individual mindset shifts that create company culture shifts.

It is no surprise that Forbes has called Sekou “the de facto poet laureate of corporate America.” His “wow-factor” is in high demand with the world’s most successful organizations, including Google, Viacom, Toyota, Nike, Cisco, LinkedIn, Global Green, PayPal, ASAE, The Gap, General Mills, TEDx, YPO, Capital One, Intuit and the NBA. Sekou’s work has also been featured on such diverse national media outlets as ABC World News, MSNBC, HBO, Good Morning America, Showtime, and MTV.

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