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Getting the Most Out of CRM: Best Practices for Wholesaler-Distributors

Mark Dancer

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Experienced wholesaler-distributors say CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is fast becoming a standard practice. More than that, it’s becoming an essential tool for managing a high-performing distribution sales organization.

By following the sage advice offered by CRM-experienced wholesaler-distributors in Getting the Most Out of CRM: Best Practices for Wholesaler-Distributors, you will avoid common mistakes, overcome predictable challenges, minimize frustration and disruption, and achieve more targeted benefits and faster business results. This book provides a soup-to-nuts planning framework, best practices from leading distributors, and ready-to-implement management tools for engaging your leaders and salespeople. 

CRM can help wholesaler-distributors because CRM fills a void. Automation tools are common in all other aspects of running a distributor’s business, but they are sorely lacking in the sales organization. When aligned with an effective strategy and deployed with thorough planning, CRM will deliver data-driven business results. Increasingly, CRM is becoming necessary to stay competitive and improve profits. In the long run, CRM will be instrumental for distributors to survive and thrive in today’s economic environment.



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What Readers Have to Say

"In this data-driven world we live in, Mark Dancer has done a good job of communicating in a down-to-earth and comprehensive style what distributors need to think about in deciding how to implement CRM. The wisdom conveyed that CRM must have a strong sense of purpose to succeed is the appropriate message. Getting the Most Out of CRM has a lot of merit in showing distributors a vision for the future and impressing upon us the need for change. The top 10 and punch lists included are very clear and practical how-tos in using CRM. I love the specificity in this book."
— Bruce A. Zwicker, President and CEO, J.J. Haines and Company, Inc.
"I found Getting the Most Out of CRM to be very well done. Mark Dancer did a great job of identifying all of the various challenges distributors face in managing our sales organizations, and how CRM, as a tool, can contribute to running a more effective and efficient sales organization. I particularly found the chapter, ‘Focus on Behaviors,’ to be excellent in explaining how and why distributors must focus on the sales behaviors that are enabled or required by CRM as they move from selection to implementation to ongoing sales force management, so that they get much better results from CRM. This book is very timely in addressing today’s business challenges!"
— Bill Parsley, President, Carswell Distributing Company
"I enjoyed reading Getting the Most Out of CRM, particularly for its common sense and practical approach. I think medium to small distributors especially will gain a lot of knowledge and good ideas from this book. I intend to use this book in refining our CRM system."
— Mike Medart, President and CEO, Medart Marine

Extended Description

This book will help you get to the next level of continual improvement, business performance, and customer satisfaction. It will show you how to improve productivity and maintain your leadership position in the value chain.

After you read Getting the Most Out of CRM, you’ll 

  • Understand the current use of CRM by wholesaler-distributors
  • Identify the benefits that are most important for your business
  • Learn how CRM helps salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders achieve better results
  • Be able to turn your transactional salespeople into growth-oriented opportunity managers
  • Manage your sales organization like you run the rest of your business—with metrics and a disciplined process
  • Pick the right CRM vendor and then implement effectively
  • Drive CRM adoption, overcome barriers, and optimize results.

CRM will help you to improve cross-functional collaboration within your organization so you can achieve data-driven and results-focused partnerships with your suppliers. CRM is not a panacea, but when executed by committed leaders with a strategy and vision, CRM is fast becoming an integral business tool for distributors.

About the Author

Mark Dancer

info page

Mark has more than 25 years of experience working on wholesale distribution trends and strategies. He works to build global distribution capabilities and distributor partnerships at Henkel Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial adhesives and coatings, where he is vice president of global channel management.

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