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Triple Your Profit! Stop Being a Profit Soldier and Start Being a Profit Winner

Albert D. Bates, DBA

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Only 10% of all companies produce a truly great profit.

What’s the problem? Al Bates of Profit Planning Group, who has spent more than 30 years analyzing distributor financial statements, says:

  • Companies don’t know what really drives profit. (Hint: It isn’t sales.)
  • Companies think they can cut price and make it up with volume. (They can’t.)
  • Companies think improved productivity will lead to higher profit. (It never has in the past and it won’t today.)

Here's what you have to do: Focus on profit, not sales. Don’t cut prices—ever. Have a plan, not a meaningless budget.

Triple Your Profit! is geared to small wholesale distribution firms that are serious about making more money. There is no fluff in this book. It contains proven techniques that work. Buy it, use, it, and be prepared to watch your profits grow!

BONUS FEATURES: A companion Microsoft Excel template that converts all 21 exhibits in the book to spreadsheets using your firm’s own numbers. You can download this template for free with your purchase of this book. A second Microsoft Excel planning template that you can download for free and use to prepare a high-profit plan quickly and easily; this template will also help you stick to your plan

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About the Author

Albert D. Bates, DBA

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Al is Founder and Chairman of the Profit Planning Group, a research and executive education firm in Boulder, Colorado. The firm works exclusively in the area of corporate financial planning.

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