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NAW Online Course: Manufacturer-Distributor Relationships


NAW’s distribution online courses include:

  1. Introduction to Distribution
  2. Principles of Distribution Sales
  3. Quality Processes in Distribution
  4. Manufacturer–Distributor Relationships

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With the high price of travel, economic constraints, and no time to get away, it is no wonder that distributors are looking for lower-cost alternatives to provide professional development for their employees. Along with an overview of supply chain relationships, this online course will cover the importance of communication, trust, and commitment, as well as provide tools to monitor and improve channel relationships.

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Extended Description

The NAW Online Campus hosts four online courses designed to engage and inform the entry-level distribution employee or an experienced employee looking for a refresher. Each course presents an overview of the topic, along with case studies and industry examples, through an interactive online framework.

NAW 301: Manufacturer-Distributor Relationships

Along with an overview of supply chain relationships, this course will cover the importance of communication, trust, and commitment, as well as provide tools to monitor and improve channel relationships.

This course is divided into four modules that each can be completed in 30 minutes or less:

  • Module 1: Manufacturer-Distributor Relationships Overview
  • Module 2: Alliances Within Marketing Channels
  • Module 3: Communication Within the Supply Chain
  • Module 4: Monitoring and Evaluating Channel Relationships

The NAW Online Campus keeps track of your progress so that you may exit the course at any time and resume right where you left off. You can complete the course on your schedule—the campus is available online 24/7 from your home, office, or on the road.

Manufacturer-Distributor Relationships provides opportunities for you to engage with the content—learn definitions, build the steps in a process, learn from video interactions, review scenarios, and answer questions. The courses offer a combination of text, graphics, animations, and interactions presented in an engaging and professional way.

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The best way to see if the distribution online courses are right for you is to review the Free Demo module. This module provides a sample of the content you will see in the courses, as well as a chance to experience training through the NAW Online Campus firsthand.

Developed by Industry Experts

Developed in partnership with the Texas A&M Industrial Distribution Program and the Knowledge Engineering Center, these interactive online courses provide professional development specifically tailored for employees who often miss out on learning opportunities beyond on-the-job training. Combining university-level subject matter expertise and curriculum with sound online instructional design, our team of experts has developed relevant courses with modern industry examples and current research.

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NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence conducts research into strategic management issues affecting the wholesale distribution industry. Our research is conducted with best practice wholesaler-distributors, and we publish leading-edge research studies with practical application for wholesale distribution firms of all sizes and across all lines of trade.

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