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Price for Success: An Online Course for the Wholesale Distribution Sales Team

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The daily pricing practices of your salesforce have a critical impact on your distribution company’s bottom line. Determining the appropriate margin on an order is essential to maximize profits on the item sold while, at the same time, preserving customer satisfaction. To help all distribution sales reps and sales managers, the Price for Success online course explores the daily challenges of determining the “fair” price of an order to both the customer and the distributor.

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What Readers Have to Say

"I strongly believe that the Price for Success online course would be advantageous for any wholesaler and especially those associates who deal with pricing on a daily basis. The course is easy to navigate and will challenge folks to consider how they determine selling prices for their customers based on the products they sell, with a focus on increasing their margins based on the value that is offered."
— Greg Kline, Manager of Sales Training, Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.

Extended Description

Through interactive exercises, salespeople and managers will gain a better understanding of

  • how the cost of doing business affects profits
  • the basic measures of gross margin percent and gross margin dollars
  • the value of quality service
  • the basic principles of price sensitivity
  • the practice of margin diversification.

You’ll manipulate sample sales data to raise profits and put the course’s pricing principles to the test in interactive sales encounters, which require you to customize line-item prices based on information provided by your customer.

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Quantity Discounts

The value of the Price for Success online course multiplies with each additional salesperson and sales manager at your company who experiences it. Quantity discounts make team learning easy when at least 5 individuals sign up for the Price for Success online course. Details are on the Enrollment Site.

Take Your Time

What’s best about Price for Success online course is that you take the course at your own pace while keeping with your learning objectives and other time commitments. The entire course takes about 3-4 hours to complete. You choose whether to knock it out in half a day or break it down and spend 15-30 minutes per session on each of the course’s 10 units.

This Course Is Interactive

The beauty of online training is that you learn in a natural way—by being actively involved in the learning process. In Price for Success online course, you’ll learn by participating interactively in two ways:

  • You’ll be fully engaged, because you actually will answer an incoming phone call and quote a price to a customer…calculate Gross Margin Dollars for a sample order…manipulate sales order variables to maximize order profitability…perform a click-and-drag exercise to understand the importance of customer price sensitivity…and again answer an incoming call and take a couple of orders to demonstrate the necessary balance between price sensitivity and service quality.
  • You’ll also take a series of 10 quizzes—five before learning each lesson’s material and five after mastering that material. You’ll see your progress online as you go through the Price for Success online course.

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