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Regardless of your company’s size, Gallagher has the right P/C offering to mitigate your risks at extremely competitive rates.

Special Cargo Insurance

Key Benefits:

  • Flat annual premiums (non-auditable)
  • Basic policy limits of $2 million per conveyance
  • Expediting expense for prompt replacement of lost or damaged goods
  • Coverage for extra expenses and penalties caused by voyage frustration
  • Specialized loss control and risk management services provided by Gallagher and its preferred carrier teams
  • Streamlined referral underwriting with a 24-hour turnaround on quotes
  • Online cargo certificate capabilities for all NAW program participants
  • Developed exclusively for the wholesaler-distributor community
  • Worldwide ocean cargo coverage for import/export shipments
  • Domestic transportation coverage for goods in transit, including land, air and rail
  • Supply chain extra expense coverage
  • Coverage for goods in warehouses, processing facilities & distribution centers worldwide – “Doorstep to Doorstep”
  • Extremely competitive pricing through the purchasing power of NAW
  • No reliance on suppliers, delivery services, or freight forwarders to provide insurance – significant savings potential, with more comprehensive coverage
  • A dedicated claims team, providing prompt, equitable service

NAW and Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. are pleased to present an exclusive marine cargo insurance product offering to the wholesale distribution industry. This product is NOT readily available in the general insurance marketplace, particularly for small or mid-market companies. It’s an innovative, flexible policy tailored to the specific needs of wholesaler-distributors.

Enterprise Risk Captive Insurance Programs

Your operation faces expenses and risks related to litigation and product recalls, pollution, business interruption, and administration actions on a daily basis. The problem is that traditional insurance products are either inaccessible or cost-prohibitive.

Through this exclusive partnership, however, Gallagher can protect your organization from self-insured business risk while creating a new, potentially profitable business.

What is Captive Insurance?

While captive insurance is traditionally considered a “large company” product that serves as an alternative to conventional insurance, NAW and Gallagher are bringing this solution to smaller and medium-sized companies. A captive is an insurance company that insures the risks of an affiliated business or group.

Why Haven’t I Heard About Captives Before?

The historical cost to form and operate a captive insurance company has been in the low six-figure range, which is too high for a middle-market business to consider. But over the past few years, the cost has decreased, making the benefits of a captive insurance company more accessible.

Key Benefits

  • Creditor protection
  • Creation of a new, profitable business
  • Coverage for currently self-insured and uninsured risks
  • Control over the claims process
  • Captive ownership by key employees

Ideal Candidates Have:

  • Gross revenue of $30 million+
  • Currently paying >$100,000 in P/C premium
  • Pre-tax income above $1 million
  • Stable cash flow

Gallagher welcomes the opportunity to discuss captive insurance companies with you, including details on formation and risk sharing. Through the NAW program, wholesaler-distributors will receive a 15% discount on captive feasibility study fees.

Cyber Liability

Coverage Highlights:

The policy Gallagher offers as part of the NAW Program includes full limits for:

  • Multimedia liability
  • Cyber extortion
  • Business income and digital asset restoration
  • $100k sublimit for PCI DSS assessments
  • Privacy liability (including employee privacy)
  • Regulatory claims
  • Security breach responses including crisis management
  • Security liability

Why Should I Consider Purchasing Cyber Liability Coverage?

  • Credit card crime costs more than $7.5 billion annually. Compromised companies can be held liable for forensic investigation costs, credit card reissuance costs, and the actual fraud conducted on stolen credit cards.
  • Reputation is extremely important to a wholesaler-distributor. Who is going to assist your company with the public relations needed to keep customers from switching to your competitors?
  • What would your company do if its data or information was lost due to an employee losing a laptop, iPad or memory stick?
  • If you have any personal data about employees, customers or suppliers, you are liable if that data is lost.
  • Every company relies on computer systems to operate their business. What would your business do if a hacker shut down the sales software, POS network, or even the payroll system?
  • Social media is becoming a bigger part of company marketing plans, but businesses are also responsible for their employees’ actions on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • More than 40% of all cyber attacks occur against small companies with fewer than 250 employees. Hackers see them as easier targets due to scarcer security measures and technological oversight.

The act of procuring Cyber Liability insurance is often lengthy, requiring a 10-page application, interviews/conference calls with CIOs and CTOs, and a lengthy and protracted underwriting process. Consequently, many companies forego this valuable insurance protection. But you don’t have to be among them, because our cyber liability program for wholesaler-distributors requires only a handful of easily answered questions that can be completed in less than three minutes.