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"Gary Moore has written a must-read book on the fundamentals of sales management in the wholesale distribution industry. I can recommend his book, because it works. Read it and lay your organization up against his blueprint, and ask yourself how you are doing. It will be time well spent."

—Dave Griffith, President and Chief Executive Officer, Modern Group Ltd

Learn nine critical sales management skills to successfully lead and manage your sales team.

The wholesale distribution industry makes things work in our economy, and distribution sales managers make things happen at wholesale distribution firms!

Sales management is a hands-on job that is subject to real-time performance appraisal. This appraisal is conducted daily by salespeople, customers, suppliers, and distributor general managers and owners. This book provides real-world ideas, methods and direction for distributor sales managers.

Whether you are a new wholesale distribution sales executive putting your system together or an experienced sales executive looking for new perspectives and ideas on the basics, this book offers specifics you can use immediately. They include

  • Straightforward “how to” text on nine key sales management skills
  • Templates and outlines you can adapt to your situation
  • Examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly of wholesale distribution sales management, drawn from the author’s own experience and observation of others in the industry
  • A compendium of resources to help you continue your skills development as a sales manager.

This book shows you how to

  • plan with individual salespeople
  • coach and counsel salespeople
  • provide sales skills training
  • conduct effective sales meetings
  • build a sales team
  • provide leadership (not just management)
  • succeed with large-order opportunities
  • manage supplier relationships
  • create a sense of forward motion

What Distributors Are Saying

“This book captures the essence of what makes wholesaler-distributors successful. Good leaders provide clear objectives and a supportive work environment to their valued employees. This is a must-read for every wholesale distribution manager and owner.”

—George Sefer, Vice President of Sales, Atlas Toyota Material Handling

About the Author

Gary T. Moore

Gary is a veteran of sales, sales management, and marketing in the wholesale distribution industry. He developed the distribution-specific Objective-Based Selling™ model. Gary is a frequent author, speaker, and trainer for the wholesale distribution industry for more than 25 years.