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"We are impressed with the material and its potential impact on our profitability. Truly information and education for the times."

—Gary McKillican, President, McKillican International, Inc.

F. Barry Lawrence, Senthil Gunasekaran, Pradip Krishnadevarajan

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Have you asked yourself any of these questions?

  • Is it possible to achieve the ROI requirement implied by double-digit EBITDA multiples in most acquisitions?
  • What are the best practices performed by top-performing firms that differentiate them in terms of profitability/ROI?
  • Is there a systematic framework of best-practice implementation that can be adopted by wholesaler-distributors?
  • How do best practices enhance shareholder value?
  • Where is the link that connects process to profitability?

This perennial best seller answers these questions and more.

There are 47 best practices in Optimizing Distributor Profitability: Best Practices to a Stronger Bottom Line and all were developed from actual experiences of 84 real wholesale distribution firms across our industry.


This groundbreaking research study is not academic modeling or theory; it is a powerful weapon for you to use to enhance your shareholder value.




Part 1 presents the basic idea of a wholesale distribution framework and a five-step methodology. Part 2 puts those ideas into action by applying them to each of the seven distributor business functions: Source; Stock; Store; Sell; Ship; Supply Chain Planning; and Support Services. Each chapter presents a real-world example of a wholesaler-distributor that identifies and implements process improvements, and the impact of those improvements on shareholder value. Finally, each chapter concludes by showing exactly how you can apply the ideas and methodology to your firm.

Optimizing Distributor Profitability includes:

  • A five-step methodology with clear how-to-implement ideas and tools
  • 123 detailed exhibits that walk you through the processes
  • 50 action steps that you can implement today and over time
  • How do best practices enhance shareholder value?
  • A Distributor Profitability Framework wall map to help you follow how business processes and financial drivers are linked to enhance shareholder value.

This book is a collaboration of the NAW Institute and Texas A&M, two leaders in wholesale distribution education and training.


What Distributors Are Saying

The information is organized very well, supported by robust research specifically on the distribution industry, presented in an easily digestible manner and linked to real-world examples to help convert concepts into actionable items.”

—David A. Larson, Former Vice President–Operations, DW Distribution Inc.

“A picture is worth a thousand words and the Distributor Profitability Framework map is worth a 100,000 words!”

—Ron Cedruly, CFO, Henrietta Building Supplies

“The value received from this concept is immeasurable!”

—Tim Miller, CEO, Security Contractor Services

About the Authors

Senthil Gunasekaran

Senthil is the Co-founder of ActVantage. With 18 years of experience assisting hundreds of B2B firms, he helps distributors create, capture and innovate value by aligning people, process, technology and metrics. He also delivers executive education and speaks at industry forums. As a thought leader, he is an author of seven best-selling books on generating, managing and sustaining profitable growth, and holds a doctorate degree from Texas A&M.

Pradip Krishnadevarajan

Pradip is the Co-founder of ActVantage. He enables distributors with business transformation and helps them stay relevant in the eyes of the customer while positioning for the future.  He is recognized as an industry thought leader with 15-plus years of experience assisting hundreds of companies. He is a co-author of seven inspiring books that are consistently among the NAW Institute's Top 10 Best Sellers. He holds a Doctorate in Business Analytics.