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This premium package allows you to compare your company’s compensation and benefits practices with more than 1,000 distributors. Your company’s metrics will be calculated in the same manner and shown alongside the cross-industry figures.

This package includes seven comprehensive compensation and benefits tools, with three of them exclusive to NAW. As soon as you complete your purchase, two exciting things will happen.

First … You’ll receive immediate access to the NAW 2018 Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Study and five complementary online tools. Three of the tools are first-time features that are offered exclusively by NAW. The NAW study and online tools will enhance your compensation and benefits benchmarking. You will receive 24/7 access to these tools:

  1. NAW 2018 Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Study: You’ll be able to compare your company to all cross-industry data. This 60+ page study includes compensation- and benefits-related statistics for the most common employee positions in the wholesale distribution industry. More than 1,000 distribution firms with nearly 9,500 locations participated in this study.
  2. Excel Data Tables: This file reports cross-industry data in aggregate form and includes more data cuts than could be reasonably included in the NAW 2018 Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Study.
  3. Interactive, Customizable and Searchable Results Application: The dashboard features executive compensation, employee compensation, branch-level compensation, benefits, and distributor profile information.
  4. Interactive Infographic: You can customize the infographic to your criteria selections and use in reporting on the study’s most interesting results. (ONLY available from NAW!)
  5. Executive Compensation Report: You will be able to deeply examine the compensation statistics and patterns of executive pay and benefit plans, and compare compensation levels across executive positions with other companies in wholesale distribution. (ONLY available from NAW!)
  6. Executive Compensation Calculator: You will be able to predict total compensation ranges of executive-level positions, based on selected options (e.g., years of experience, sales volume, education background, etc.). (ONLY available from NAW!)

Second … For a limited time that ends November 1, 2018, you will complete and submit the NAW 2018 Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Online Survey! If you complete the survey by November 1, you will see your survey responses in the Interactive, Customizable and Searchable Results Application tool. You will also receive access to the seventh tool in this package:

  1. your own personalized and confidential Company Compensation and Benefits Report showing your own data alongside aggregates from other  survey respondents most similar to your company.

Check out the Job Descriptions in the survey.

With all seven tools at your fingertips, you’ll gain an unprecedented level of reliable information about your company’s compensation and benefits, matched with more than 1,000 distributors across the industry. These results will provide your company with executive pay statistics for the C-suite level and compensation levels of the 35 most common distributor staff positions! With this array of reports and tools, you’ll be able to assess and project employee pay and benefits with confidence!