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The NAW 2018 Executive Compensation Report and Online Calculator are available exclusively from NAW, and they are for you if you want to do a deep dive into executive pay and benefit plan statistics.

This package includes two comprehensive compensation and benefits tools that are available exclusively from NAW. As soon as you complete your purchase, you’ll receive immediate 24/7 access to

  1. Executive Compensation Report: You will be able to deeply examine the compensation statistics and patterns of executive pay and benefit plans, and compare compensation levels across executive positions with other companies in wholesale distribution. (ONLY available from NAW!)
  2. Executive Compensation Calculator: You will be able to predict total compensation ranges of executive-level positions, based on selected options (e.g., years of experience, sales volume, education background, etc.). (ONLY available from NAW!)

NOTE: If you want more comprehensive compensation and benefits data, click on the titles below. Both packages include the Executive Compensation Report and Executive Compensation Calculator plus other comprehensive and exclusive online tools.