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June 15, 2017  |  ByNAW Staff
NAW-Outside/In Customer-Focused Culture

Since the beginning of commerce, distributors have always concentrated on the needs of their customers. What they want to buy, how often they want to buy, and how they like to buy are questions that keep most distribution executives up at night. With the advent of the internet and explosion of multiple e-commerce platforms, distributors have recently had to take an outside/in approach to their customers and the culture in which they serve them.

At the last NAW Billion Dollar CEO Roundtable, highlighting a chapter in “Facing the Forces of Change: Navigating the Seas of Disruption,” a panel of CEOs discussed several issues around the topic of an organization’s dedication to customer focus. Understanding the customer’s “spend” and customer’s business is tremendously important as one CEO described while the other said that using relationships and data to invest in the products and services customers needed made an immediate impact on the offerings and solutions the distributor offered. Additionally, cultivating deeper knowledge of the customers’ businesses and preferences to innovate for the future was a top priority.

If you would like to review all of the content presented as the 2016 Billion Dollar CEO Roundtable, click here.

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**This blog post was inspired by recent presentations from the NAW Roundtables including the “A Preview of the Presidential Nominees’ Business Agenda” sessions by Jade West, SVP-Government Relations at NAW. During the 2016 Presidential Election, the interconnection of politics and industry has been a key subject area at all of the Billion Dollar Roundtables (CEO, CFO, CHRO, CIO, CLO and Operations) and Large Company Roundtables (CEO, CFO and Operations). If you are interested of which topics are “top of mind” for NAW thought leaders, you are encouraged to view all of the previous NAW Roundtable agendas at NAW Events.

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