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As wholesale distribution continues to become more competitive, the need to implement and deal with change at an accelerated pace is even greater today for every wholesaler-distributor. Human capital development is essential if distributors are going to be able to respond effectively and quickly in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Given this competitive environment, it is no surprise that distributors identify talent development as one of their greatest challenges right now.

The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence and Texas A&M University, two powerhouses serving wholesaler-distributors, understand this immense challenge and now offer top-of-the-line solutions for distributors in the area of Next-Gen Distribution Professional Development. We bring together more than 60 years of distribution knowledge and a decade of industry research to help distributors develop their leaders to respond to industry changes, while still maintaining their competitive edge no matter what current and future challenges they face.

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The NAW Institute/Texas A&M top-notch knowledge base will be applied to all three programs. Download a pocket guide from one research study.

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Activate the NAW Institute/Texas A&M top-notch knowledge base to enhance your company’s professional development opportunities!

Since 2009, the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence has partnered with Texas A&M University to further the understanding and application of best practices in wholesale distribution. Through cutting-edge research, a comprehensive knowledge base of best practices has been established, and over the years six groundbreaking research studies have been published and three more are on the way. For the first time, we are bringing this extensive knowledge base out of the pages of our research studies and into the classroom to help wholesaler-distributors invest in their workforce with proven in-depth training and professional development. There are three separate and completely different programs to choose from. You decide whether one, two or all three programs are the right fit for you and your team!

  • NAW Micro Degree in Project Leadership

The NAW Micro Degree in Project Leadership is a project-oriented breakthrough program featuring on campus learning at Texas A&M University and five months of guidance post-class from the Texas A&M faculty.

The program begins with three days on campus learning at Texas A&M followed by five months of guidance and check-in support for your project. The program ends with one day on campus to report out and review the progress of your designated project. There are no outside assignments or additional work during the five-month post-class period; only the guidance and support you need on a regular basis to support your efforts and success.

This program is designed for your leaders to help them develop the skills and knowledge to become innovation managers and move your organization forward. Class size is limited to 10-12 to give hands on support during the training. This is a project-based, guided program on leading change and innovation to help accelerate implementation and results.

Here are some of the projects participants are currently working on:

  • Salesperson alignment, specialties, and sales compensation project
  • Using electronic commerce and SEO value to provide a greater user experience
  • Customer Service project to support technical questions and accelerate new hire learning and capabilities.
  • Inventory optimization project centering around ROI and providing solutions to be more agile to meet the changing stocking needs
  • Customer segments and structure
  • NAW Certificate in Distribution Professional Management

    Three distinct and intensive sessions are offered on these topics: Optimizing Distributor Profitability, Generating and Managing Growth and Distributor Capability Development. Each highly concentrated session will be held for four and one-half days at Texas A&M University. These sessions will provide an overview of the most important concepts in distribution today through an active learning process consisting of both lecture and hands-on exercises. Completion of the three sessions will provide participants with the educational foundation they need to enhance their value to their company. These sessions are designed as continued education to help you develop and retain your key employees.

  • Custom Process Capability Assessment and Execution Training

    In this highly customized approach, Texas A&M University will work directly with your company to assess your capabilities in a specified area that you identify needs improvement, and then will create a Roadmap for Change and develop your first training module.