Supreme Court Win on Sales Tax Issue

June 21, 2018

This morning the Supreme Court handed down a decision in the Wayfair case overturning the Quill decision and – finally!! – allowing states to require out-of-state/on-line sellers to collect state sales taxes.   NAW filed one separate Amicus brief in this case, and joined another.  This is a huge victory for our brick-and-mortar businesses.

The immediate outcome of the case could be a “wild-wild west” situation in which the states individually begin the process of collecting the tax causing some confusion for on-line vendors and states alike – which might finally convince Congress to do what it should have done years ago and pass a fair Marketplace Fairness bill to streamline the sales tax collection processes going forward.

We are still reading and digesting the Court’s decision; if you would like to read the decision yourself, click here.