Statement by NAW President Dirk Van Dongen on President Trump’s Speech on Tax Reform Today in Springfield, Missouri

August 30, 2017

Washington, DC (August 30, 2017) … “President Trump made a compelling case for comprehensive tax reform today. Critically, he stressed that leaving money in the hands of individuals and businesses so they can decide themselves how best to deploy these additional resources is the most effective approach to achieving high job creation and economic growth.

“The American middle class needs relief from the toxic combination of stagnant wages and rising cost of living. Tax reform will provide them with a long overdue raise in their take-home pay.

“And, our members look forward to reform for businesses which will deal with the wide disparity in effective rates which now exist. Businesses with the same profit should pay the same tax.

“We will continue to actively work with the House, Senate, and White House to advance true tax reform in coming weeks. The time for action is now.”