NAW Supports Legislative Effort to Address Critical Driver Shortage

March 27, 2018

Many NAW members have expressed concern about the critical shortage of commercial drivers today — a shortage that impacts many distributors’ ability to efficiently move their products through the supply chain.

California Congressman Duncan Hunter has introduced a piece of legislation that would modestly address this problem by removing the Federal regulation that prohibits drivers under the age of 21 from obtaining commercial drivers’ licenses for interstate commerce.  His bill is titled The Developing Responsible Individuals for a Vibrant Economy (DRIVE Safe) Act.  Allowing 18-21 year old drivers — with extensive safety training and hours of experience — to obtain commercial drivers’ licenses would both increase the number of available drivers to deal with the shortage, and allow high school graduates the opportunity to qualify for and obtain well-paying jobs that under the current Federal regulation they cannot get.

NAW has sent a letter to Congressman Duncan supporting the bill, and encourages other distribution associations to do so as well.  Click here to read NAW’s letter.