NAW Statement on Passage of PRO Act

March 9, 2021

Washington, DC – The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) issued the following statement following the passage of the PRO Act in the House of Representatives.

From Seth Waugh, Associate Vice President for Government Relations:

“With the passage of the PRO Act, the House has quickly passed one of the worst bills in recent history. The PRO Act is a blatant handout to organized labor—radical legislation packed with union-friendly policies previously rejected by members of both parties, the judicial system, and the agencies tasked with enforcing them. This legislation will increase job losses for small businesses, ruin independent careers, and damage our nation’s recovering economy.  The idea of fair elections and due process rights for workers and employers alike will be systematically dismantled if the PRO Act goes forward. We urge the Senate to reject the PRO Act.”